Prednisone Duration

txgalinaktxgalinak Member New Member
Hi, all.  I am at the very beginning of all this.  My regular physician finally did the ANA test that I had requested, as I've been what seems like non-stop sick for a year.  It will be over a year before I can get in to see a Rheumatologist.  So, I'm having to depend on my doctor's limited knowledge until then.  I suffer from chronic kidney stones and uti's, as well as Sinusitus/Cold type illness.  My question is this:  I know that Prednisone helps me, it always has the times I was prescribed it to give me a "jump start" on feeling better.  But, how long can I take it for.  My doctor only does a 7 day stint.  Then, I'm good for a week and then back at square one.  I cannot take NSAID's.
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