Prednisone Duration

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Hi, all.  I am at the very beginning of all this.  My regular physician finally did the ANA test that I had requested, as I've been what seems like non-stop sick for a year.  It will be over a year before I can get in to see a Rheumatologist.  So, I'm having to depend on my doctor's limited knowledge until then.  I suffer from chronic kidney stones and uti's, as well as Sinusitus/Cold type illness.  My question is this:  I know that Prednisone helps me, it always has the times I was prescribed it to give me a "jump start" on feeling better.  But, how long can I take it for.  My doctor only does a 7 day stint.  Then, I'm good for a week and then back at square one.  I cannot take NSAID's.


  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    You do not want to take prednisone long term unless it is for a life threatening problem. Prednisone has some SERIOUS side effects some of which doctors don't tell you about, like it causes cataracts and the most serious bone loss. It also causes MAJOR mood swings. I had very had lupus for 37 years but have not had kidney stones, so not sure what to recommend. I did have lots of sinus problems and my neurologist sent to an allergist. Have only had on sinus problem since. I used to get lots of units before being put on plaquenil. But that was after an actual diagnosis of lupus. I would try an allergist to see if allergies are what is causing your sinus problems. Only thing I can suggest for kidney stone and uti problems is drink lots of water, cranberry juice, and grape juice. Just watch the amount of sugar in the juices.
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