Could is be lupus?? Rash and chronic migraines

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I’ve had this rash for 2 years on my face and upper arms only.. it got worse after I was going tanning about 4-5 months ago. I get it every single time I get out of the shower and at random times unsure of the trigger at those times.. my migraines seem to be triggered by certain foods.. none of the medications they have put me in have seemed to have help except Tylenol 3 and it doesn’t really help all that much.. i have joint pain ... I have had one lumbar spinal fusion and about to have my second .. I am so tired allll the time.. horrible allergies... and chronic sinus infections. I had some labs done and it showed mild kidney reduction. Negative ANA.. although the dr who ordered the lab told me I couldn’t have a copy of my lab.. I argued  with them and I am going to to pick the copy of it Tuesday when they open.. so I’m wondering it maybe it was borderline .. idk.. I’m about to have the ABS clotting testing done.. and will be seeing a Rheumatologist soon... but will have to waiting for an open appt so it could be months.. My hair seems to be thinning more and more when I shampoo in the shower.. I am feeling toooo defeated at this point.. I’m so tired of feelin awful all the time. 


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    I had lupus symptoms for years, and mine were kind of just shrugged off. Now, I'm being told it was seronegative lupus or uctd undifferentiated connective tissue disease that developed into lupus. I had two positive ana tests that were about eight months apart and said the same thing. This was after things got progressively worse with the symptoms. You can also have a negative ana and still have seronegative lupus which is ana negative lupus. I have also been told that ana levels fluctuate and even go from positive to negative to positive in some lupus patients especially when early on, but the ana alone isn't the whole picture sometimes. There are a lot of other blood tests. Seronegative lupus could be possible, and it's worth looking into that. If you say you want it ruled out and tell them that you're very concerned, they should be able to run the tests for it. It has different blood tests and things they go by to determine if you would have that. There are also a lot of autoimmune diseases that are a lot like lupus symptoms too. I am so sorry you feel so awful. I have migraines chronically too, so I understand how hard it is. Lupus is just so hard to figure out you have it.
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