Could it be Lupus

LAlinds789LAlinds789 Member New Member
I can honestly say that I feel like I am in a living hell and inside I am screaming at the tops of my lungs - but nobody hears me. 

Doctors run tests and they come back as ‘normal’. My parents tell me aging causes pain and I just need to stop focusing on it. 

I have lost my whole identity to a mystery illness, it could be Lupus, and I want to lay down - I am so tired. How do I get people to listen. 

Everyday I feel violated by another new symptom. These include:

bone shattering tiredness that makes me feel like I am not there

pain in multiple joints that feels like my bones have turned to glass - the pain sometimes to walk, sit, even breath takes your breath away

weakness in my back, hips, knees, feet, wrists, hands

constant mouth ulcers and infections

constant signs of candida overgrowth

headaches, allergies, sinus pains

skin rashes including painful papulopustular rosacea that make me feel hideous to look at and acid burning feeling skin when caught out by the sun

dry eyes, dry mouth, constant styes

pain in my chest and lungs when I breath, sometimes electrical in nature

strange fevers that cause facial flushes that can last ALL DAY and feel humiliating 

I feel like I turned 90 in the space of a night

NO positive blood tests. No clues. Not thyroid. Not arthritis. Not positive ANA. Not hormones. Everything’normal’

Does anyone know how I can get out of this mental and physical help?


  • CretelocCreteloc Member New Member
    Reading your post was like reading my own bio.  I'm sorry I can't offer any solutions.  If I hear one more "it was negative, nothing's wrong with you" response from a doctor, I may lose it.  I want to transfer the unbearable pain to them to prove I'm not making it up.  Just know that you aren't alone.  I know that does squat, but it's all I can really say.
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