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What kind of jobs does everyone have. What I experienced, not sure if its its common in lupus. Two things. One, I get this white patch, like if I burned my tongue (comes for a while, goes away for like two days) and two, I've had to slow down my life and do things slower because if I overdue it, I become sensitively stressed.Two, with this whole COVID19, my employer whom knows I have lupus and have accommodated - basically told me to wear a mask and move me - so I told myself " really? wow (that's not enough) " so something in my gut said email my doctor to make sure. Sure enough, the second day, I get a call from my doctors office, asking to pick up a letter. The letter stated that my employer needed to accommodate (work remotely) or I am considered disabled. They were able to accommodate and only worked one day remotely until I felt overwhelmed, mentally drained and feeling naturally drained is something that I've already carried. I returned the equipment and my employer said we'll keep in touch. My job title basically entailed 3 tasks with intricate in each on top of required call list of 100 and I was always slow. It got to a point where I felt drained, having to think about the next steps overwhelmed me. Upon returning the equipment, my boss was understanding. She in fact, encouraged my well being and safety.

Anyone else feel mentally drained easily? I feel like its a trait, I naturally go off energies both people and situations. I consider myself an introvert and empath, im sure someone on here can relate? I have lupus nephritis, my inflammation is under control. I feel more easily fatigue but I push through. I definitely do things more slowly.  


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    it I can definitely relate to your symptoms as well. I am a registered nurse that as been living with SLE for the past 15 years . I continue to work, however, after completing my 12 hours shift , I need 2 days or more to recover. Definitely fighting fatigue and insomnia sometimes ., I just stay in bed on my days off. This seems to help. 
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