Help! Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) shortage due to Covid 19

AndybegoodAndybegood Member New Member
I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine since 2010 and now because DT told everyone to go out and get it as a preventative measure, I cannot find it in any of my pharmacies.
I live in Los Angeles. Does anyone know of an online service or other pharmacy that is still carrying it? My pharmacy said they don't even know if and when it will be in stock.
I am a single mom with two kids and I cannot have a flare right now.
I'll take any and all suggestions.
Thank you and I hope everyone is taking care.
:) Andrea


  • ls2101ls2101 Member New Member
    Do you have kaiser? if not, maybe you can try to fill your prescription at kaiser if they allow you to or if you do have kaiser then order online through or you can try cvs
  • scladawarenessscladawareness Member New Member
    It's quite sad that this had to happen, I'm from Africa Kenya and it's the same case here, ever since this announcement was made, people rushed to pharmacies and hoarded Hydroxychloroquine, and where did that leave us people with chronic disease, stranded and frustrated.... So sad we can't find it anywhere right now, some chemists are hiding them while others have doubled the price. Some lupus warriors here can't even afford to buy them, quite unfortunate
  • pharmgirlpharmgirl Member New Member
    HI there
    I know Community Compounding has plenty in stock and can compound it. They can ship it to you if you are in a state they are licensed in.
  • OneGorgeousOneGorgeous Member New Member
    I was denied my prescription as well, but I jut received a letter from my insurance company the medication is back in stock. 
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