Lupus Symptoms?

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Ok so I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on the symptoms you have with lupus.  I'm not 100% diagnosed yet but here are symptoms I suffer with .
I suffer so much that other around me have became rude and say things such as : "there's always something wrong with you" or "it's all in your head" to the point I've been in tears because I truly hurt and somedays hate life because I feel so bad. I'm tired of being this way. Here are my symptoms!!!

It doesnt matter how much rest I get some days I'm so weak and exhausted I feel as if I can barley crawl. .

2. DIFFICULTY BREATHING/ SHORTNESS OF BREATH/CHEST PAIN: it feels like I can never take a full deep breath and sometimes it actually hurts :( 

3. I'm severely ANAEMIC: I've had 3 blood transfusions and 3 iron infusions.
4 .JOINT PAIN my legs and arm hurt so bad I can relax I'm up throughout the night trying to make it stop.

FEVER: idk why but I run a fever 70% of the time usually over 100.0

6.KIDNEYS: UTI's , protein in urine and trouble emptying my bladder
7.NAUSEA it's so random. 
8. Right now my SPLEEN is enlarger I can see it and feel it and its very painful!

9. Random RED PATCHES on my skin. 

10. Mouth ulcers.



13. SICKNESS: I catch every infection and virus so I'm always sick :(


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    My dearest child,
    You are at the right place. Appears that those symptoms are close in proximity. A rheumatologist would be the best option to officially diagnose you. I know exactly how you feel. Love yourself, let me bash, judge, attack you. Says nothing about you but everything about them.Those are the toxic people to stay away from. If they are family, I would stop making comments about how you feel, the more you say, the more I feel they will never understand you. Do vent to those who will be the opposite: loving, kind, free spirited. Be patient until you see a doctor, in the mean time, I wouldn't sweat it and the worse thing you can do is self-diagnose by what you read online and or go by what someone says, whom is clearly not a rheumatologist.Good Luck!

    - prayers.
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    Wow I have been having all these symptoms. Just had another UTI this weekend. It’s been such a journey trying to figure out what to do. Have you went to your PCP first or straight to a rheumatologist? I’m trying to decide my next steps to a proper diagnosis. What blood tests do you get? 
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    I have Lupus, I'm breathless exhausted and I can. barely walk. I've had a blood test to prove it. auto immune diseases come in pairs usually  I have sjogrens too.  if you have lupus you need to accept your limitations. take care  
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