Does lupus make me high risk for COVID-19

chris5chris5 Member New Member
My doctor has told me I'm not at high risk for coronavirus even though I have lupus, I'm not on immunosupressors. Just wondering if anyone else's doctors have said that lupus diesnt make you high risk?

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  • Loris102Loris102 Member New Member
    I work as a registrar in an ER dept. 6 weeks ago I was moved to the “well” clinic because of my Lupus. Now I am being told I have to go back to the ER. States that I will have standard PPE so that’s all I need. They are short handed and need the extra bodies. I am not on any medications now, but if I get really sick I get horrible flairs. I have no where to turn, I want to work just not in ER. This hospital has many others registration desks, that aren’t so directly in harms way, but won’t move me.
  • kkaeskkaes Member New Member
    One of the primary concerns of Lupus is inflammation. Yes, you are at higher risk because your immune system is already predisposed to high levels of inflammation, or a cytokine storm. So for many of us with Lupus we have to areas that place us in a high risk category, the dysfunction of the immune system, and immunosuppressive medications. 

    I appreciate your doctor wanting to reassure you that you are safe. I wish the message was clear that even though you are at higher risk, you are in control of mitigating risk. First and foremost stay at home as much as you can. When you do need to go out wear a mask and disposable gloves. Shower immediately when you get home and put your clothes in the wash. If you have housemates, ask them to follow this protocol also. I learned this protocol from a nurse who cared for terminally ill cancer patients. It was what she did every day. In fact, she had her hamper in the garage to be extra safe. 

    Hope that helps. Stay well. 
  • MilohleMilohle Member New Member
    My doctor has advised that I stay home and take necessary precautions as I am @high risk because of the immunosuppressants
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