Corona virus and lupus

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I have had lupus for at least 40 years. I was on hydrochloroquinine for nine years and finally got it under control. Doctor took me off of it in 2004.  Recently I had a flare and was put back on that medication in October of 2019. Within a few days the rashes on my face and scalp went away and the itching and tired feeling were gone too.  Yesterday I erupted with a flare.  I am still on plaquinel.  I am concerned that I may have this new corona virus  and instead of having symptoms of the virus is causing the lupus to get in high gear. I know they have been talking about using this particular anti-Malaria medication to minimize the symptoms of this particular virus. Should I be tested for the Corona virus?  If nothing else it would help validate the use of this drug for treatment of the virus.  My main concern is that I baby sit my two toddler great-grandkids. Thanks for any advice. 


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    Dear ster1944,
    I am genuinely sorry for the symptoms you are experiencing as well as the uncertainty that follows the many mysteries involved with having lupus and the potential for overlapping conditions and without a doubt a high susceptibility to develop these types of viruses and complications from them. However, take heart dear friend, the first suggestion I have is if you have actual symptoms of the corona virus (whether lupus individual or a healthy individual) and are running a fever then the 1st course of action is to get tested for it. That way you have a definitive answer and can be directed the next course of action for you and your potentially exposed loved ones. But,
    I think you will be relieved with the following: based on what you are describing all signs point to you just experiencing a flare up of your condition. Rest assured that there are 0 cases, and no clinical or physiological basis for corona virus manifesting and then presenting as worsening symptoms of a pre-existing condition like your SLE. It is not uncommon and actually myself included even though I have self quarantined based on doctor recommendation for a flare up to occur and 1) by pure coincidence overlap with this rapidly spreading virus or 2)overlapping simply due to a simple trigger of additional stress or worry/ lifestyle changes however minimal or however large- of course having lupus all this years I have no doubt I am writing things you know. But at least for myself, it can be reassuring to "soundboard" and then have in affirmed by someone else. 
    Be encouraged, it sounds like you are experiencing a tough flare solely related to your SLE, albeit I know that is no small feat either; but unless you are experiencing symptoms that are specifically respiratory related- coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and a fever ( If you are, go get tested absoutely)- I would advise you to follow your "normal" (although I know it isn't) but for us- you routine steps you take during a flare and I do hope and pray you will begin to feel better very soon.
    I hope this offers a little clarity or reassurance to you in this time of uncertainty. Don't hesitate to comment with any more questions I would love to share info and/or offer support.
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