Lupus(other rheumatic diseases) & Relationship with Current COVID-19 event.

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Hello to everyone here @ LRA!
I am new to the site but not to Lupus or other rheumatic conditions. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and am grateful to have the opportunity to communicate with everyone here. 
Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent fall out I wanted to seek out any additional information individuals may have regarding the relationship between autoimmune diseases and COVID-19. Additionally, I would like to lend support, encouragement and sharing the existing information I have on the topic.
Again, new to the site- I welcome any and all suggestions and greetings.
Everyone stay safe and well!
Kindest Regards,


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    I am also new to this forum. When the area I live started getting cases, I contacted my rheumatologist office and asked about this. They said that lupus and other autoimmune conditions can make you more susceptible to catching illnesses and that I should follow the guidelines for immunocompromised patients. I know that certain medications can also lower immunities. When I was first diagnosed last summer, my doctor explained lupus is autoimmune and can definitely affect your immune system. My doctor explained to me that the immune system is so busy attacking itself that fighting off germs is harder for your immune system with an autoimmune condition. 
    There is also something I read about called a cytokine storm that the virus is causing, and that is supposed  to be something autoimmune patients are prone to getting. I would say that we would need to just try to be as safe as possible. I feel like knowledge is power, and the more we learn, the more we can do with the information.  I have also heard be careful about any natural supplements you take that they don't increase risk for a flare.
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