Do I have Lupus

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Hey All- I think I have Lupus but would really appreciate feedback on the beginning stages of experiencing this disease. 

Since Oct 2019 I’ve gained nearly 20 lbs of which now providers tell me is more likely swelling retaining fluids. My hands and face are swollen and sore daily, some days I can barely get my rings off and visibly my face changes cause of the swelling. My joints ache daily, esp hips, hands, just over all sore joints.  The fatigue I’m experiencing is beyond a normal “long” day. It’s like I’m terribly exhausted. Itchy scalp. 

I’ve had gastro issues- dr did colonoscopy and found nothing but yet I get abdominal cramping, constipation, etc. I was just at a urologist for cystoscopy because every urine test I have blood in (not visible) however they found nothing wrong with my bladder and lightly mentioned might be my kidneys. I get mouth canker sores. Also I get dizzy all the time, feel like I’m gonna pass out. Lose feeling in my hands at night while sleeping (may be poor circulation?). 

I have redness in my My face- however only appears at night or after a day in the sun. None of these things happened to me prior to Oct 2019. Does any of this sound familiar. Every time to look at symptoms online or ask friends that work in the medical field each of them says I need checked for lupus ASAP. 

I’d love to hear anyone’s perspective and response. Thank you so very much. 


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    I was diagnosed with SLE in 1983.  My biggest issue has always been fatigue, and I've learned to be kind to myself.  I learned to say, "Sorry, but I can't" when necessary.  I have had a problem with mouth and nose sores, but nothing within the past 5 years.  I have never had the redness/rash.  Yes, I do take a diuretic for swelling of my hands, but I live in a warm climate and get "normal swelling" on hot days.  All I can recommend is finding a GOOD Physician - and "good" means someone who is educated, understanding, compassionate - and sticking with that person.  I have been treated by the same Physician since I was diagnosed, and I am doing very, very well.  I do have ups and downs, but I think "we" all do.  The secret is the medical professionals who treat you.  I found that I was not a classic case, my primary symptom being unending fatigue.  I wish you well -
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