Possible lupus? Waiting on diagnosis...

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Hi all!

To start, both my mother and sister have lupus. For the last year, I've been feeling super run down and miserable. No energy, and tired all the time. It started with a lot of gastrointestinal pain and discomfort, which was then diagnosed as c-diff. (I had taken an antibiotic for dental issues). I took the meds and got that cleared up, except I was still having gastro issues months later. I was told that was post infection IBS, and they ruled out Crohn's and Colitis. But the worst was that I was just so tired all the time!

Then I found out my thyroid was off. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and given levothyroxine to take daily. But even still.... I'm so tired! But with the levothyroxine, now my thyroid levels are normal.

Ok, so then I started getting bad wrist pain. Had an x-ray which came back normal, but the pain was super annoying. On top of that, a part of my big toe went numb. After a nerve conduction study, it was determined that I had a pinched nerve in my ankle. Weird! They put me on Prednisone, and although it didn't clear up the toe issue, my wrist felt 100 times better while I was on it. I'm off Prednisone again, and the pain is back and worse than ever.

Ok.... So my doctor ordered a lab called lupus anticoagulant, and low and behold, it came back positive. I don't think she ordered an ANA.

So they referred me to a rheumatologist, and now I wait. I'm impatient and nervous.... Do you guys have any ideas? Thank you in advance!

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