Not myself anymore: mentally challenged.

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I was diagnosed in 2007 and I’m 25 now. Till this day I haven’t accepted that I have lupus. Over the years I have lost confidence and deal with social anxiety. I prefer my own company because I’m easily exhausted. I don’t have any ambition and motivation to achieve anything. If I can stay home and not work I would choose that lifestyle any-day. I know deep down I love company and want to achieve big things but I struggle to interact and feel comfortable around people. I get days where I’m extremely fatigued, exhausted on random days where I literally struggle to get out of bed. Also I’m very forgetful.  when I’m going through this, my closest don’t seem to understand me as a person and it’s stresses me out. 

Surely lupus doesn’t just physically affect you but it comes with some mental health challenges? This should be further researched and also taken seriously during check up. 
Can anyone relate? 
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