What can I do for a horribly red and itchy malar rash on the face?

Camlizzy2011Camlizzy2011 Member New Member
Hello everyone. My name is Amanda and Im new to this forum. I was diagnosed with SLE almost 5 years ago now and have had lots and lots of symptoms including seizures and horrible rashes on the face. Strangely I only seem to get the rash on my face above the eyebrows, across the forehead, bridge of the nose and upper cheeks. It gets unbelievably itchy and very red. Sometimes it gets so bad that it bleeds a little bit. Sorry TMI. My question is, what can I use topically for the itching and redness? I have tried coconut oil but it doesn't help much. It is still extremely itchy. Thanks. Hope everyone had a great holiday season.
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