Blood test results (ANA and DSDNA)

mkatemkate Member New Member
i was recently diagnosed with SLE.
My blood results show an ANA of 1280 and DSdna of 270. My rheumatologist mentioned that my results are quite high but I forgot to ask what is considered normal vs a high or mid range result....

what are other people’s results? 


  • Summer1Summer1 Member New Member
    I’d be keen to know the answer to this also. I had a positive test for ANA and going for my DSDNA blood test this morning so I should get my results back in a few days. 😢 I have also had a positive biopsy taken from my face which suggests lupus so I’m expecting a diagnosis for SLE.  😥 I also won’t understand how to interpret my results so hopefully someone can help us. 
  • Camlizzy2011Camlizzy2011 Member New Member
    Hi there. I too had an ANA test done around the time I was diagnosed. My doctor didnt tell me how high my ANAs were but she said they were elevated. Also when I was pregnant with my daughter before I was diagnosed, I was tested for Hiv and aids because its pretty routine with pregnancies to be tested and out of the three tests they did one was positive but of course they told me i did not have hiv or aids. Im wondering if the stress from the pregnancy caused a flare up which in turn caused that test to be positive. Its the only thing that makes sense because I was diagnosed with lupus 4 years after I had my daughter.
  • merrymerry Member New Member
    Hi - I test Ana pos -  dsDna Ab 1 - PTH 154 - Scleroderma SCL-70 4.2 POS - and I was told by a nurse practioner I do not have lupus.  I truly feel awful and want to sleep all the time - Any ideas?
  • merrymerry Member New Member
    I also have kidney failure 3a/b egfr 44  and a bad heart with 2x cbg that one failed-the lad-mammary artery which never fails - does anyone have any ideas? THANK YOU!
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