SteveHSteveH Member New Member
I'm starting to get painful tingling sensations in my hands and feet. My Dr says I need to expect this as normal for me; he says it's the disease attacking my neural tissue. I think he's full of it. Exercises seem to help; at least I can still manage to drive safely. The fact is that I can stop moving and just wait for death, or I can keep moving, no matter how painful and live. I choose the latter. This effing disease is not going to win.


  • Summer1Summer1 Member New Member
    I also have painful tingling in my hands and feet, I hate it. It’s a bit like super painful pins and needles, do yours also go numb? I am also losing my hair at a rapid rate too at the moment. 
  • LupusGirlLupusGirl Member New Member
    Yes, they become numb. I like heat so I'm able to use a heated blanket on my feet as a treatment for neuropathy. The heat from my feet and the heat from my blanket seem to cancel each other out so I can sleep. 
  • Mvallen37Mvallen37 Member New Member
    I have Peripheral Neuropathy that causes nerve pain, stiffness, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. My feet would go completely numb after standing for a few minutes until my doctor put me on Alpha Lopic Acid an OTC vitamin. The numbness has improved significantly and I continue to take Neurotin for the nerve pain. I suffered from hair loss and I went to my dermatologist. She treated me with corticosteroids injections to my scalp. It may sound painful, but it wasn't. The needle was very fine and it felt like a several small pinches. It worked to stop the hair loss. I hope this helps. 

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