Confused and Scared

SteveHSteveH Member New Member
I got my diagnosis 2 years ago. My Dr ran the test just to rule it out, and it came back positive. A boatload of tests later...lupus. I'm in the middle of a nasty flare up now. I'm in so much pain and nothing seems to work. I'm terrified this is just going to keep getting worse.

 I'm a white male, 58 years old; I have actually had people look at me funny and say "Isn't that a chick thing?" To which I reply, "Yeah, and I'm in great company!" But it is true that most of the the information available is for women, and while it's very useful, there are aspects to this that seem to be specific to males, and I can't find any help. I feel frightened, desperate, and alone.
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