The Unicorn among The Unicorns - How do you find your tribe?

InesInes Member New Member

I feel like a Unicorn among the Unicorns
Unicorn group #1: Auto-Immune Disease / Lupus (no cure)
Unicorn Sub-group #2: You are way too young to have Lupus (the audacity!)
Unicorn Sub-group #3: The Optimist

Yes, I am an optimist, even though my body doesn’t function the way I want to. I will continue to work on my will-power, confidence, and resilience by strengthening my mindset muscles. Because that is the only thing I can do.

Luckily, I found “Unicorns” who are living their best life (within the borders of their physical capabilities).  

Do you have a tribe of friends where you find trust, acceptance, and support?

Warm hugs, 




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