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Hi, and thank you for allowing me to join the site :)

I was looking for a bit of information, as I have a test result that has me confused, and I was hoping someone might be answer a question.

A bit of background. I am in my late forties and am female. I have already been diagnosed with scleroderma and sjogrens syndrome. Two of my kids have autoimmune issues, and when I was able to locate my biological mother, I found out she had lupus.

I had my antibody levels checked recently ( please forgive me if I use the terminology incorrectly) and, as expected, I had positive results for ANA, Centromere B, SS-A and SS-B.  Sm antibodies. were also found and flagged.

I am confused, as some sites I've looked at indicate that SM antibodies always mean a person has lupus, but my rheumatologist has never mentioned it as a possibility. I've had the level tested before, and it wasn't there. Is it possible to test positive for this antibody and not have lupus? Could this just be the other autoimmune issues?


  • Kittie_VKittie_V Member New Member
    Hi JM47.
    I wish I had an answer for you because I am in a similar boat.  I was recently tested and my lab work came back positive for ANA, Anti-dsDND, Anti-sm, Anti-SSA, low WBC, and high IgG.  I have also done the research and all I can find is the Anti-sm is very specific for SLE and that it is sometimes found in other autoimmune disorders, but not often.  I don't see my rheumatologist for another couple weeks but I am really hoping he has some other explanation for all these results. 
    Good luck to you.
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