burning pain

kd05kd05 Member New Member
has anyone experienced burning pain in their hands and feet as a side effect of lupus?


  • minamina Member New Member
    Tingling and numbness during flares, but not burning my dear. Please consult with your doctor, take care. 
  • Moonchild26Moonchild26 Member New Member
    I get very hot feet, like my soles have just walked on hot coals. Have never heard anyone else mention this symptom but I know it must be lupus related. 
  • Mvallen37Mvallen37 Member New Member
    Yes, I have Peripheral Neuropathy caused by lupus which causes nerve pain. It can feel like a burning sensation, numbness and tingling. I see a Neurologist who treats my Neuropathy. 
  • graphics1988graphics1988 Member New Member
    Possible plantar fascitiis - lots of research done on this. I had it in both feet for a year - still flares up from time to time. Cushion shoes were the answer after spending thousands on treatments. Didnt solve it - minimized it. 
  • trosetrose Member New Member
    Yes honey I did at one time. I would be barefoot and would suddenly feel like I was standing on a hot coal.Not long after these episodes started I got tingling in my feet,then everywhere at random pains like electric shocks. That would come on out of the blue. They wouldn't last long but they hurt terribly. Found out I had neuropathy.  I have it in lower limbs,also cerebral neuropathy. See a neurologist. 
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