Migrating Rash

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Hello Everyone! I'm new to this online community but figured I'd put out a question regarding current symptoms to see if anyone has had any feedback.

I'm currently 33 and have been diagnosed since I was 18. I have SLE, Fibro., Lupus Nephritis, Raynauds and currently undergoing testing for polycythemia. I haven't been taking my plaquenil for years because I'm a horrible patient and I hate the side affects. I've undergone 6 mm of chemo and an intensive radiation treatment last year for a hyperactive thyroid nodule. I'm pretty good at managing my lupus and knowing when its beginning to flare however, just over the last week I've been experiencing a migratory rash with hives over my whole body. I've never experienced anything like it and last month my rheumatologist stated that my RBC, hematocrit, & hemoglobin were high but that she didn't believe it was a lupus flare up based on the rest of my blood work. I'm not sure if there's a way to share pictures but I have a ton if anyone needs to see them. If anyone has experienced this, I'd greatly appreciate any information you have. TYIA!

**Edit: I've read all the other posts relating to rashes. Addl info: it's not the butterfly rash on my face, it's constant and not only when I'm in the sun, it burns and itches. It causes welts and hives, it feels like my skin is sunburned even when its not flaring up. The hives will appear in a spot with intense itching and will disappear within 10 minutes. They'll reappear some where else later. No environmental factors have changed (soaps, fragrances, job, living situation, medications, food consumptions etc). No type of steroid cream, allergy medication or benadryl has worked.
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