Alternative to prednisone

Comatosed1Comatosed1 Member New Member
I've been on and off prednisone for 18 years now because of various symptoms but currently I'm on 10mgs a day just to keep away the lupus rash and skin lesions. I'm looking for something to do that can have the same result but without the horrible side effects that come with prednisone. I'm open to any suggestions but would prefer something non-prescription.

If anyone has any experience with something like this I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thanks. :) 


  • lsasuvivorlsasuvivor Member New Member
    I’m in the same boat.  I’ve tried several immunosuppressive drugs to try and reduce the prednisone usage, but nothing has worked for me yet.  Either the side effects were intolerable or it just didn’t help at all.  So, I’m now looking for a new Rheumatologist.  My Rheumatologist has basically given up and doesn’t know what else to do, so time to find a fresh perspective.  I hate changing doctors and would never consider it if I thought I had any choice.  I’ll let you know if it helps.
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