Spinal fusion surgery & lupus

JennannshearJennannshear Member New Member
I have Lupus and i've been seeing my ortho lately due to years of issues with my L5. I have broken pars and a destroyed disc. I was told that because the vertebrae is slipping, I need surgery. I have factor 5 leiden and a mild qualitative platelet disorder. The hematologist has given the all clear. I saw my rheumatologist and he too said to get it done. Here is my fear - I'm in a flare (on the end side of it), my body rejected the metal in my partials and well they will add titanium to my spine (will my body reject that and my flare get worse or return?), what will healing be like bc my muscles are a major issue in my body when it comes to lupus and they cut into the muscles... they also take bone from the pelvis - In my mind this makes no sense and yet my vertebrae is slipping 30% and I have issues with pain and numbness in my legs, bladder, back. If i wait then it only gets worse and i only get older. i am 40 now. EH. Anyone else have lupus and have this surgery and ended up fine?


  • ElliebEllieb Member New Member
    I had double fusion two years before being diagnosed. Also have Factor V Lieden. I regret it in hindsight as it seemed to cause new vascular issues I didn’t have before the surgery. I wish that I would have tried the neuro stimulator implant as an alternative. My pain is not much better now. I hope you fare better than I did. 
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