Can ANA Pattern Change?

mcon5mcon5 Member New Member
Hello. I've had a number of symptoms (too many to go into) for >10 years. Lupus and other autoimmune diseases have been speculated by docs, but labs are inconsistent. For years, my ANA has been 1:80 homogeneous (low titer). Recently, symptoms have increased, and my ANA is 1:640 dense fine speckled. This pattern is NOT associated with autoimmune diseases, and from what I understand, basically rules them out. But my doctor noted that it was still quite high. My question is -- could the pattern be an error by the lab? If I've always been homgeneous low titer, why would I now have a high titer with a different pattern? Maybe this is common. But if there's a chance it's wrong, I might want it repeated.
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