Experience with plaquenil?

lin25lin25 Member New Member
Hello, I'm newly diagnosed and skeptical about taking medication. Just wondering about your experience with Plaquenil and any adverse side affects? 


  • PeggyPeggy Member New Member
    I’m  newly diagnosed also. April 29, plaquenil was the Drug Dr chose. I had a rough month taking it. I just returned from Idaho for birth of another grandson, thought the weather and the 2 just wore me out. Bursitis was 1st, rest, then pain in every joint got worse. Blood work was done, think fibromyalgia, RA, at 58 Lupus. I’d list 15lbs, I couldn’t afford, before diagnosis, another 10lbs with plaquenil. I think if you can get a good anti-nausea Drug until your body figures out what going on. Vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue,and muscle wasting took no time in the 8 weeks that it took to figure out what was up. It took me almost 8 weeks to figure out how to take plaquenil. Now my body doesn’t revolt. Exercising is the hardest now, bc some days are good others not so much. I’m concentrating on staying flexible. Working on walking on treadmill, The only good thing about Lupus so far is high protein and all the carbs I get stand. 
    So I guess my advise is give plaquenil some time, zofran or phenegran, will help. I’m at the beginning of my journey. Denial was my first stop. Next I’ll look in to more meds, that can help with the depression I’m also denying.

  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    I've had lupus for 37 years now. I have SLE & DLE. I'm so special, I can't have just one form of lupus, I get to have 2. I was first put on plaquenil in 1992. Best thing ever at that time. I had no problems with it. Just have to see an ophthalmologist twice a year to check for retina problems. I'm still taking plaquenil as well as Benlysta. I have only minor problems with my lupus now, and not very often. Hope this helps. Keep in mind, everyone reacts differently to meds.
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