fasting, does it relieve your symptoms?

olya2564olya2564 Member New Member
I started fasting where i would just not eat for 2-3 days and it seems to improve my quality of life dramatically. Does anyone tried it?

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  • RebekahVRebekahV Member New Member
    I'm currently reading the Wahl's Protocol, which has a couple diet plans that are meant to help with MS & autoimmune conditions. The most intensive diet plan suggests intermittent fasting, and the book provides quite a bit of research to back up this idea that fasting can be extremely beneficial (I'm not very science-minded, so sorry I can't relay that part). I think I naturally already IF being that I generally sleep for 10-12 hours soo... I can't say from personal experience whether I've noticed much of a difference using IF, but there is definitely some research that would back up that theory. 

    If you're interested in learning more about fasting, I would suggest reading the Wahl's Protocol, as it also gives criteria for what to eat so that you still get plenty of nutrients while also incorporating fasting and/or low carb diets. 
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