Lupus vs fibromyalgia

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I recently had blood work done for lupus, RA, and other things. My blood work came back positive for inflammation, whatever is common in gout, ana, and pattern was speckled. The pain management doc that requested labs said he didn't know because everything came back positive for lupus except titers which were 1:80. Rheumatologist said he didn't need to see me.  They chalked it down to fibromyalgia. I did have a baby 1.5 years ago and that's when symptoms slowly crept up. I am working with the VA so can't really get a second opinion. Recently it takes 2 naps to function daily, and I'm still in pain and oddly enough itch all over all the time. I was diagnosed with lichens sclerosis in 2015. In 2012 I was tested with same blood work (I had hmf and the navy hosp didn't understand how a healthy adult caught it when not actually exposed to anyone with it; just parents of a child that did) in 2012 and all were negative. My maternal gma had lupus. My mother and I have similar symptoms but mine seem to be worse.  Am I missing something, or should I just leave it at fibromyalgia?


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    U should definitely get a second and third appionion. I had my spleen & gullbladder removed when I was 17, I was missed diagnosed for years until I couldn't use my hands one day. I worked for an oncologist & saw other patients that had lupus. I thought to myself that's my symptoms. So I had him check and sure enough that's when I finally got diagnosed with LUPUS SLE. They think it was caused by having to have my spleen and gull bladder removed. Do please get a second opinion. 
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