Chronic Tumid Lupus

DebbieGDebbieG Member New Member
I have just been diagnosed with Chronic Tumid Lupus after living with this condition, undetected for 10 years.    Tests,  tests and more test......   being told by doctors that I'm crazy and need to see a shrink down to hives.    Finally, 2 days ago my dermatologist called and informed me of this rare condition and if I would be interested in participating in a case study because they don't see this very often at all.
Does this form of lupus effect other organs?    Do I get anything out of being in a case study?
Any info would be appreciated   


  • LupusSupportGroupLupusSupportGroup Member New Member
    General Lupus can take several years to diagnose, so Im not surprised in took so long to diagnose Tumidus. Tumidus is known to only affect the organ of the skin, which is the largest organ of the body. It is known as being a form of Cutaneous Lupus. Case studies are research oriented, but can be beneficial are helping others discover, research and learn more about your the ailment. It can result in better future diagnosis and treatment.
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