What could be wrong with me?! MISERABLE!!

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So for the past 7 years... i have been dealing with some crazy concerning symptoms. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, major depression disorder, PTSD, a thyroid issue i never even had and was treated for causing a huge goiter in my neck that needed to be removed last year. After a lot of research over the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that either I have lupus or MS... Idk really what else to think? 

Lupus does run in my family on my Father's side. Here's my symptoms and what i've been dealing with -

My body (specifically my legs and hands) hurt ALL the time! like a deep ache that i cant even begin to explain to anyone... but it is so deep that it feels like my bones, blood, muscles all together in one giant ache. I have woken up with my arm feeling like it was floating beside me because it was numb. I have a tingly spot on my scalp behind my ear that feels like it's asleep when i scratch that spot. I feel sharp stabbing and burning pains in my shoulders and arms. For the last year or so, I have a very hard time holding it when i have to pee and have actually wet my pants several times in public which by the way is very humiliating... I also have a very strange sore on my face that will not heal which looks very similar to discoid lupus. I have had an ANA test done a very long time ago when these symptoms presented themselves, but it was negative. I always feel sick to my stomach like i just need to throw up. I am excessively tired... and my body feels like it's made from concrete most days! I occasionally have these feelings of electric shocks in my head and my neck. And some days I get very dizzy and confused while just sitting down exerting no physical energy at all.

I go to the dermatologist tomorrow for the spot on my face... then after that i have an appt with my general physician where i plan to ask for another ANA test and complete CBC. But until then... any insight or thoughts on my symptoms and what it could be?? Could it be lupus even without the butterfly rash on my face? 


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    also. my vision has gotten significantly worse over the last 2 years. i can't focus on anything for longer than 60 seconds or it becomes blurred and double and my eyes feel strained almost like i'm crossing them. 
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