Negative ANA followed by positive ANA

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My family dr referred me to a rheumatologist because of joint pain tiredness rash and repeated staph and yeast infections. This has been going on for 3 months. I also have a family history of SLE, myasthenia gravis, Sjögrens, and Guillain-barre. Anyway... she sent bloodwork out including ANA which was negative. 2 weeks later went for dermatologist who repeated ANA unbeknownst to me. Anyway this time it was positive. 1:80 homogeneous and 1:320 speckled. Has anyone had a negative follower so closely by a positive?
my rheumatologist appointment is mid July.


  • skcarr33skcarr33 Member New Member
    Please update. We have such similar results with blood work. Though Ana tested 2012 neg then positive Jun 2019.
  • LupusSupportGroupLupusSupportGroup Member New Member
    Lupus is more sufficiently diagnosed following consideration of several factors, such as the performance of a series of tests, physical examination and consideration of the individuals current symptoms. Some individuals with Lupus have been found to have had Negative ANA results, or have had both Negative and Positive results when tested in different instances, and have even been found to have had False Positives (the positive ANA was actually indicative of another illness). So while a positive ANA indicates a stimulated or overactive immune system, it is not definitive of Lupus, thus remains a preliminary screening test for Lupus only, to be followed by other testing.
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