How do the skin lesions form?

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Hi there,
I am 45 yo female and puzzled with my symptoms. I have had moving joint pains for years, pain in muscles, cramps, fatigue periods, low fever, sun sensitivity, sight problems, swollen eye nerve and empty sella (two latest ones based on head MRI). So far no one knows what is going on; lupus and sarcoidosis have been in discussions but not confirmed.

A couple of days ago I noticed a shiny area on my wrist. I started looking at it an in about an hour the area turned from looking thin and shiny to red. It did not itch or was not swollen. Now it is just rough on the surface and there is a small (ca 5 mm) butterfly shape.

I had not hurt the area or exposed it to hot or chemicals. The only thing I can think of is that I spent some time out in the sunlight that day.

I just wonder if this could be due to SLE? Have you got experience of how skin lesions are formed?


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    They are both inflammatory diseases with many similar symptoms. It may be Sarcoidosis or some form of Systemic and/or Cutaneous Lupus. In your list of symptoms, I did not note you mentioning having any Swollen Lymph Nodes, or the presence of any Abnormal Nodules or Masses, which is more indicative of Sarcoidosis. With Sarcoidosis lesions are commonly prominent in the Ankle and Shin area, or Nose, Ear and Cheek area, and with Cutaneous Lupus it is very common for lesions to appear anywhere on the body on sun exposed areas. Have any Lupus test been performed as of yet? 
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