Back/Rib pain

clawdia16clawdia16 Member New Member
I have been dx w/ lupus since December (abt 7 months now).  In the last month I have had pain in my back under my ribs. Hurts to move, deep breaths, lay on my right side.  I have been doing online research and costochondritis comes up alot, esp with Lupus, however, isn't that pain associated with only the chest bone/sterum?  Could it be a flare up in my back? Or have I simply pulled a muscle? I see my specialist mid July and can ask then, but, its been sticking around so long I am a little worried.

love to all, keep on keepin on!!


  • Abby410Abby410 Member New Member
    Absolutely! Lupus flares up in my ribs, back, neck, and shoulders. It hurts so bad to breathe. The pain is very intense. It lasts a couple of days usually. On YouTube there's an amazing Lupie who explains so much. Her name is Jennifer Borrego. Good luck. 💪🦋💜
  • SkateChicSkateChic Member New Member
    I have it and have been dealing with it for months. My dr wants to put me on on meds to get my lupus under control because the costo is now causing panic attacks when i cannot get that full deep breath. I have regular joint pain and headaches but so far no organ issues so I am reluctant to get on anything. I have already tried Plaquenil but I had major side effects so got off of it. So yeah that's what it can be. Good luck!!
  • nicetywonnicetywon Member New Member
    Please ask your doctor about Pleurisy.. I've been diagnosed with this twice .. all prior to the lupus diagnosis. Actually the diagnosis made the doctors do more testing and combined with several prior testings .. came up with the lupus dx. Good luck.. I know that pain all too well.. eventually got strong pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds  
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