Back/Rib pain

clawdia16clawdia16 Member New Member
I have been dx w/ lupus since December (abt 7 months now).  In the last month I have had pain in my back under my ribs. Hurts to move, deep breaths, lay on my right side.  I have been doing online research and costochondritis comes up alot, esp with Lupus, however, isn't that pain associated with only the chest bone/sterum?  Could it be a flare up in my back? Or have I simply pulled a muscle? I see my specialist mid July and can ask then, but, its been sticking around so long I am a little worried.

love to all, keep on keepin on!!


  • Abby410Abby410 Member New Member
    Absolutely! Lupus flares up in my ribs, back, neck, and shoulders. It hurts so bad to breathe. The pain is very intense. It lasts a couple of days usually. On YouTube there's an amazing Lupie who explains so much. Her name is Jennifer Borrego. Good luck. 💪🦋💜
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