Diet in lupus ?

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Diet and yoga are very crucial in lupus .adopting healthy life style becomes necessary .Any one can sugest what should we eat and what not ? 


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    I have as always been told to do the meditranian diet. Lots of veggies, fish, not a lot of red meat and not to many sweets. But have they ever been on steroids for lupus. Its hell. They call it hangry for a reason. Lol I'm on Weight watchers right now it keeps me accountable. Hope this helps
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    Lifestyle changes, especially eating habits, can be hard to re-adapt to, but is definitely beneficial when it comes to Lupus. As an inflammatory disease, the processed foods we consume tend to trigger flare and/or induce inflammation (ie Sugar, Salt, Bread, etc). Your probably thinking, hmmm that is in everything we eat and you are correct, but there is a great difference between natural sugars and salts, and processed.

    I personally have tried fasting, along with several other diets, but have found simply substituting foods with what are called Functional Foods, has been the most beneficial. Contemplate what meals you usually eat and find an alternative, simply substituting the bad food for good.

    For instance, instead of White Rice, eat Brown, instead of Potatoes, eat Sweet Potato, Yucca or Tarrow, instead of Whole Milk, use Almond, or Coconut Milk, instead of Pasta in Marinara Sauce, try Sliced Zucchini in Garlic and Olive Oil, instead of a Ham & Cheese with Mayo on Bread, use Lettuce, Kale or Spinach as the the bread, with Turkey or Chicken and Guacamole or Hummus), these are just a few ideas, or possibly seeking the advisement of a professional Nutritionist or Dietician may help.
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    I'm currently on a 4-day rotation diet. Rotating foods can be beneficial as our bodies are not meant to eat the same thing every day, but it also helps it become easier to tell what foods you may be sensitive too (also reason to keep a food & symptom journal).
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    Please I want to loose weight?? 
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