Any experience Lupus patient?

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I'm asking for my friend, she got joint and bones Lupus, She believes or we have been told that there's no medication for it, doctor's only describe pain killers, I'm not sure but I believe there's a medication for everything but maybe isn't discovered yet...

At least there must be something making her feel more comfortable I guess? I wish if you know some medication's name? for example what to eat?, any exercise or massage maybe? is there anything else we should do or be aware of?

I appreciate any help
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    Has anyone ever have bleeding issues due to lupus flare up
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    I have had SLE & DLE for 37 years now. I've been on lots of different meds. My main problems have been joint swelling, muscle pain, skin lesions, blood issues, thyroid issues. I've almost died twice from lupus. The meds that work best for me are plaquenil, Benlysta and Cellcept. I now have very minimal problems since adding benlysta and cellcept 7 years ago. Your friend needs a new doctor! As to what to eat, go to the mayo clinic website. They have a page for lupus. It lists things to eat and what not to eat. Stay away from mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts. It's got great info. As for exercise, your friend should do gentle stretching, non pounding type exercises. If she has access to a pool, swimming is great for the joints. Massage helps body pain as well. I hope this helps. And I hope your friend feels better soon. She seriously needs to get a rheumatologist.
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