What do you say herbal medicine works or not in lupus ?

SidraSidra Member New Member
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a doctor is claiming that he have treated lupus 100% cure through herbal medicines only in 3 weeks is it true ? Please comment below share your views is it a risk ? 


  • sfields08sfields08 Member New Member
    Definitely not, it's a spam. But the best thing for lupus is yoga. I haven't done it yet im not a flexible person
  • LupusSupportGroupLupusSupportGroup Member New Member
    As someone with lupus for almost 2 decades, I can attest to trying various modes of therapy (ie Western Medicine, Holistic and Alternative). Herbal medicine may induce you to go into Remission, which is great and ideal, but I highly doubt is a cure. Never-the-less remission is a great state to be in if one can afford it. 
  • He11enaB_SLEHe11enaB_SLE Member New Member
    I'm using natural oil from Sucupira and Copaíba, as well as fasting natural lemon juice in the morning to help with nausea, they were indicated in my treatment for Lupus aid - SLE, currently I have chronic kidney disease problem. Cyclophosmamide, these alternative natural remedies have helped me a lot.
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