What do you say herbal medicine works or not in lupus ?

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a doctor is claiming that he have treated lupus 100% cure through herbal medicines only in 3 weeks is it true ? Please comment below share your views is it a risk ? 


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    Definitely not, it's a spam. But the best thing for lupus is yoga. I haven't done it yet im not a flexible person
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    As someone with lupus for almost 2 decades, I can attest to trying various modes of therapy (ie Western Medicine, Holistic and Alternative). Herbal medicine may induce you to go into Remission, which is great and ideal, but I highly doubt is a cure. Never-the-less remission is a great state to be in if one can afford it. 
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    I'm using natural oil from Sucupira and Copaíba, as well as fasting natural lemon juice in the morning to help with nausea, they were indicated in my treatment for Lupus aid - SLE, currently I have chronic kidney disease problem. Cyclophosmamide, these alternative natural remedies have helped me a lot.
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    Definitely not, it's a spam. But the best thing for lupus is yoga. I haven't done it yet im not a flexible person
    Yoga isn't meant just for flexible people - but with practice, you can gain flexibility. If you want to do it,  do it! But listen carefully to your body. If the instructor says one thing,  and your body nopes out, listen to your body first and adjust as needed. 

    Yoga is a lifestyle that includes so many other practices than the asanas (which are the poses that people think is yoga). The rest of the lifestyle is easily forgotten about, but it's honestly one of the most important aspects. The lifestyle is what has been keeping me grounded since my body went haywire. In just over a year I've started an easy,  low-to-the- ground practice again. I'm nowhere near the flexibility I was in class, and it doesn't bother me. It's just nice to start practicing again. 

    Yoga asanas are meant to be done where you're at. Can't get into the pose like the instructor? That's more than ok. The instructor has been practicing for a long time. Do what feels good for YOU. 

    A yoga asana practice isn't necessarily meant to stretch - if done correctly,  it will help strengthen first, and everything else follows. 

    It CAN be a great practice for almost everyone. 

    That being said,  I was taking part in yoga teacher training when my Lupus fully activated. I didn't know it was Lupus at the time. We just found out a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm still unable to do standing poses because of extreme dizziness. 

    That doesn't mean I can't practice. 

    Everyone is in a different place. Not everyone can do the poses as they are,  and need modification to help them get the best efficiency from the pose. There is absolutely no shame in using blocks, straps or anything else that makes it comfortable. 

    All of that being said, while I still enjoy a simple, relaxing floor practice, I've just started an at home Tai Chi practice, which keeps me moving gently and dizziness is very minimal and tolerable. The gentle movement and flow are working well for me.

    As for herbs,  they have their time and place to help with issues. Calendula and lavender infusions can help sooth inflamed skin,  chamomile for sleep and anxiety and diarrhea,  So on. But not only are they subtle treatments to help symptoms, they also affect people differently, and can be contraindicated for use with medications, so use them carefully. If you're looking to use herbals as a treatment, check with your Drs first. 

    I can't imagine they'll cure anything, but they can certainly help if used carefully and without high expectations. 
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