4 years waiting in diagnosis

SallmellSallmell Member New Member
Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have been struggling with the usual lupus symptoms for approximately 4 years. Steadily getting more flairs and increasing pain
 Positive ANA tests, negative DNA test, mild butterfly rash on face, swelling joints, pain, brain fog and extreme fatigue. My consultant today has given me sterioid injection and hydroxychloroquin yet says he does not think its lupus. Linking to my anxitey and depression saying it could be fibromyalgia or palindromic arthritis.  I am convinced its lupus. All the signs say it ia and positive ANA?? Why give me the meds if doesn't think its lupu 


  • christinaoukchristinaouk Member New Member
    Hmm, it definitely sounds like lupus. I'm sorry to hear that it's taken so long for an official diagnosis, I know how frustrating that can be. I suggest to possibly get a second opinion or more? Have you tried that yet?
  • SallmellSallmell Member New Member
    Thanks for your reply. 
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