Severe confusion for several days??

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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 14 years ago...symptoms for 20 years tho. Over the past several years it felt like something else was beginning...Esophageal motility issues they can't figure I have it stretched once every couple of years.  Severe allergic reaction to the sun. Drs ordered an ANA test a year ago that came back negative. But over the winter the stress of our business and life became overwhelming. By February I was having full on hives daily, severe fatigue, headaches, pain in hips, bladder leakage, sun in can't walk outside without sun glasses...but the thing that scared me was the feeling in my head all of a sudden. It was like I was losing my mind...I couldn't remember one thing to the next..or what I was doing. My job requires critical thinking..but I just couldn't think straight..I was afraid to even drive most days for fear of getting confused. I took off from work and rested the entire week...but didn't feel all that much better. Over the next week or did seem to get better...but im still not well. scared me. Also I have had some strange electrical feeling a couple of times around my chest. So I went to my endo and she said it really sounds like she is running a full lupus panel. The thing is I waited until she was back from maternity over a month has gone by since possible flare? Did I wait too long? Has anyone else had this severe brain fog?? I've had memory issues...but this was scary. 


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    The lupus effects my mind with brain fog several times a year. I would recommend  Making sticky notes during this time. Remembering numbers and dates are almost impossible to deal with. I have a job that takes organizational skills and when it hits my mind, work is almost impossible.
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    Oh, yes. I have moments where I feel like I just woke up wherever I am. Then there's not remembering what day it is. This isn't like forgetting where I left my keys; I feel like there's a layer of gauze or something between me and the world. My Dr has no useful advice about it.
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    This is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. Brain fog and forgetfulness, it is almost like someone is squeezing your brain, or that your brain is bruised. Eating bad and stress seem to be the biggest culprits for me to start getting into a flare. I started Benlysta injections today.
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