Low Platelets

Carpenters2Carpenters2 Member New Member
Has anyone experienced low platelets and what was the treatment?


  • leahboutleahbout Member New Member
    I was diagnosed with ITP (Low Platelets) long before I was diagnosed with Lupus. Every doctor I talked to (and I talked to upwards of ten) said there was no treatment for it. Unless you're levels are dangerously low, I think most doctors prefer to just monitor you. I would go in for monthly/bimonthly blood tests, but that was it.

    When my Lupus started causing kidney problems, I was put of a whole bunch of different medicines, and my platelet count went back up to something close to normal, but nothing I was taking was meant to treat it. I did go to a doctor once who talked about removing my spleen to help "cure" it, but I think that that is a very drastic, last resort thing to do. 

    Hope this helps!
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