Stroke like symptoms not a stroke

Carpenters2Carpenters2 Member New Member
Hello Everyone,  my wife has been battling lupus for 12 yrs now. Recently she has had stroke like symptoms which include slurred speech, numbness in the arms and legs. It mostly happens on the right and it also goes numb on the left side. They have done MRI's and CT scans and have ruled out a stroke and seizures. It's happens frequently about 1-2 times a week. We would like to know if anyone has gone through this before and found out what was the cause and how was it treated.


  • rubyrue47rubyrue47 Member New Member
    Have they checked her neck/back for herniated discs? If not its worth mentioning to the doctor to check it out. They can cause a lot of problems if not addressed. Herniated discs can cause multiple problems with the nerves in the body if left untreated and they are severe. 
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