What med do you use for lupus?

lisa82lisa82 Member New Member
Hi! Im new here and I've had lupus and RA for 6 years and on plaquenil. It's getting worse and now the docs want me to pick a drug like cellcept or benlysta. I'm kind of scared as I have two young kids and a dog and know they lower your immune system. I can't take steroids because I'm also a type 1 diabetic. What do you guys take and do you have any side effects? 


  • SidraSidra Member New Member
    Take steroids after sone time to very low dosage steroids will be finished
  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    I take plaquenil, cellcept,and Benlysta. I have both SLE & DLE. I take the cellcept for the DLE. I love Benlysta. It's really helped keep the flares down and I have a little more energy, not a lot but every little bit helps. As for them lowering your immune system, that's what they are designed to do as lupus puts your immune system into overdrive. Which is why you shouldn't take things to boost your immune system. Just try to eat right (stay away from mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts), get lots of rest (if you can with two kids) and listen to your body. I hope this helps.
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