physical activity and leg tightness

marybethmarybeth Member New Member
I have just recently been diagnosed with lupus and the answers to many of my questions keep coming back “each patient’s experience with lupus is very unique”...while I know that is the truth, I am wondering if anyone else deals with incredibly tight hamstring and calf muscles?

Also, I am a really active outdoorsy person but have been stuck on my back doing little to nothing for the last few weeks... trying to get an idea of what others have experienced to help me face the new life with lupus. Do some symptoms go away at times? How do you manage to not loose all your muscle? My ankles have been particularly painful and I can’t seem to rack my brain to find an activity I can do without them. Any suggestions of what works for you? Did you have ankle pain eventually subside enough to get back into excercise? 

Thanks for any experience and advice!! I’m very grateful to have found this forum..
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