physical activity and leg tightness

I have just recently been diagnosed with lupus and the answers to many of my questions keep coming back “each patient’s experience with lupus is very unique”...while I know that is the truth, I am wondering if anyone else deals with incredibly tight hamstring and calf muscles?

Also, I am a really active outdoorsy person but have been stuck on my back doing little to nothing for the last few weeks... trying to get an idea of what others have experienced to help me face the new life with lupus. Do some symptoms go away at times? How do you manage to not loose all your muscle? My ankles have been particularly painful and I can’t seem to rack my brain to find an activity I can do without them. Any suggestions of what works for you? Did you have ankle pain eventually subside enough to get back into excercise? 

Thanks for any experience and advice!! I’m very grateful to have found this forum..


  • SidraSidra Member New Member
    Dont forget to exercise on regular basis 
  • skcarr33skcarr33 Member New Member
    Idk if I have lupus or fibromyalgia, but I have these symptoms! Especially worse in early am or after laying down to watch a movie. I did run last week and had to take 3 days off to recover (I was in the Navy, played college softball, and was an avid runner before injuring my ankle). These pains are so new to me. I can tell u I have found swimming and bike riding to be helpful also the barr exercises work too. Painful at first but kept going and got used to it.
  • keldertronkeldertron Member New Member
    100% here! My hamstrings especially have ALWAYS been extemely tight,  and IT bands painful to palpate. I needed acupuncture to help release knots in my calves before a massage therapist could even look at them. 

    Massage and acupuncture did amazing things to help.

    Yoga, swimming and Tai Chi as well.

    If any of these stop, I definitely feel a difference.  I feel my best when I keep up routine. I alternate acupuncture and massage at least once every 6 weeks, and do one form of exercise at least 3 days a week. I try for more but just don't always get there.

    The pain doesn't go away, but keeping gently active helps. On days the pain is exceptionally high I use a CBD/THC hybrid cannabis oil and I work through the high. The trick on that one is to start just before the high kicks in,  otherwise I have found I just want to binge watch Gilmore Girls on the couch with a bag of Cheetos. Lol

    For ankle pain, I found just laying with my legs up the wall for 10 minutes helps, and "drawing the alphabet" with the feet a couple of times. It's a simple exercise from my physiotherapist that seems to help. 

  • Tracyclark80Tracyclark80 Member New Member
    I am new to the community!
    Does anyone go to the gym and do resistance training and cardio? Do you find it helps? Or does it do more harm?
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