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I am 62 years old and have had one odd medical issue after another for the last couple of years.  These include:  gout, gastric issues, dry eyes, edema in my legs and feet (which occurred after I was prescribed anti-gout medications, lol), FUOs, intensive fatigue, fingers that suddenly turn white with cold, rashes, pain in my ankles and knees and - most recently - an apparent allergic reaction to an antibiotic prescribed for an asymptomatic bladder infection.  Could also be to a nasal inhaler prescribed from my long-term allergies.  I am currently covered with hives.  I really think I have some sort of autoimmune condition and lupus is an option.  I'm not a hypochondriac:  I have the highest pain threshold known to man and once broke three toes, taped them together and went to work.  I think I need to see a rheumatologist, but my Doctor hasn't suggested it yet.  Insurance won't pay for anything without a referral.  Should I push the envelope and insist?  I really don't have a great quality of life any more and I would like to feel better.


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    Please see a rheumatologist or another specialist. Do not stop until they find the disease. I had to suggest testing for myself over 30 years ago. I have lupus, RA, and a few others which is common. I have a high pain tolerance too and that can be a problem. Listen to your body and treat it week. 
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    Oops well. Treat it wellt
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