pleuritis, beginning symptoms?

butterflybutterfly Member New Member
Does anyone have pleuritis? What were your first symptoms and how was that diagnosed ?


  • magraymagray Member New Member
    I have pleurisy almost everyday. It is not extreme but I am unable to take deep breaths without pain. I am able to pinpoint the exact location that hurts. It hurts, almost like a sharp stabbing or ripping feeling. I just told my doctor my symptoms and she said its pleurisy, there were no tests or anything. 
  • slippbakkslippbakk Member New Member
    This is exactly how I flare up. Hurts to take in a deep breath. Hurts so bad when I feel a sneeze coming that the pain kills the sneeze. My lung almost felt “crunchy” yesterday. If my pain is in the left lung ( like it is now) I cannot sleep on my right side the pain is unbearable. It also radiates up to my shoulder at times. 
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