How do you help hair loss?

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Hello, I was just recently diagnosed with lupus and this is all very overwhelming. Immediately after being diagnosed I noticed my hair on the front and sides of ear were falling. I went to a dermatologist and she injected cortisone: prednisone (sorry, but I was so desperate that I really didn’t care what she injected) I know that’s horrible. But, I guess this is my state of mind at this point. 
Can anyone give suggestions on what to do? How to help with hair loss? It’s such a trivial thing, and I feel as though we’re ”attached” to how we look with hair. It makes me very upset to think this way. But, again I’m juts desperate and need guidance. 


  • briannawelbornbriannawelborn Member New Member
    When I was in a flare, I had to just put away my brush. The more I brushed, the more that came out. I have really curly hair and it went straight during that period of my life. It was scary. I started taking biotin and it helped some! Something is better than nothing they always say. One thing that made a big difference was I started using a lot of different items from Arbonne's Nutrition line and their hair care line. 
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    I received injections, took biotin, bought special shampoos and conditioners but eventually I lost the sides and it started thinning— diagnosed as alopecia. Also caused by lupus
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