How do you help hair loss?

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Hello, I was just recently diagnosed with lupus and this is all very overwhelming. Immediately after being diagnosed I noticed my hair on the front and sides of ear were falling. I went to a dermatologist and she injected cortisone: prednisone (sorry, but I was so desperate that I really didn’t care what she injected) I know that’s horrible. But, I guess this is my state of mind at this point. 
Can anyone give suggestions on what to do? How to help with hair loss? It’s such a trivial thing, and I feel as though we’re ”attached” to how we look with hair. It makes me very upset to think this way. But, again I’m juts desperate and need guidance. 


  • briannawelbornbriannawelborn Member New Member
    When I was in a flare, I had to just put away my brush. The more I brushed, the more that came out. I have really curly hair and it went straight during that period of my life. It was scary. I started taking biotin and it helped some! Something is better than nothing they always say. One thing that made a big difference was I started using a lot of different items from Arbonne's Nutrition line and their hair care line. 
  • gigigigi Member New Member
    I received injections, took biotin, bought special shampoos and conditioners but eventually I lost the sides and it started thinning— diagnosed as alopecia. Also caused by lupus
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  • katieb2020katieb2020 Member New Member
    im 20 and I was just recently diagnosed with lupus. In the beginning my hair was long and thick and by the time I was diagnosed I lost a lot of it. I didn't go bald but it was gonna get to that point. I finally got my lupus under control and my hair Is starting to grow back. I lost so much that I can't wear my hair down. I miss wearing it down but when I look at it down I just get depressed. I miss my old hair. I know it will eventually be back but its hard to go out everyday and see girls with long lushes hair and I don't. 
  • vljones48vljones48 Member New Member
    My dermatologist determined the real problem is not hair loss but not growing new hair at least in my case.  It happens periodically especially at sides but thins all over. .  I use biotin, special shampoos(not sure they help) but what really helps start new growth is Rogaine.  I use it twice a day when it is really bad then once a day as maintenance.  Dermatologist suggested using Men's strength.  Not a perfect answer but seems to help.
  • RoJA22RoJA22 Member New Member
    My hair started falling out in chunks March 2020 it was horrible I lost so much of it. My sister turned me on Aloe Vera gel, I am not consistent with it, but goodness it does stop the shedding!
  • AnneTapleyAnneTapley Member New Member
    Rogaine helped. I was told by a doctor to forget using the version for women as it is too weak. And to go with the male version which is 5%. Also Nioxin shampoo and conditioner helped. It helps with thinning hair. Ulta and salons sell it. 
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