Preclinical lupus?

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Can someone go into depth of preclinical lupus? I thought this was basically early onset lupus. I have all the same symptoms but it’s hard to diagnose because the bloodwork. Although, I do know that people who have negative ANA, can have lupus and people can have a positive ANA but not have it. I know that’s why it’s so complex and hard to diagnose. And that’s why they do not rely on just bloodwork. I started having my symptoms 5 years ago and I’m currently 22. My rheumatologist though has told me I have all the same symptoms but not all my bloodwork shows but I haven’t even had extensive testing yet and that’s why he said I have preclinical. I do have an elevated ESR I think is what it’s called? I thought preclinical was early stages lupus, but hear so much back and forth. He also did start me on plaquenil too. Hope this makes sense. Curious to know your thoughts. 


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    I understand you. I'm in the opposite site from you. I have positive in Ana analysis but without clinical synthoms. But this weekend my finger swelled, but the general doctor can't attent to me because the positive ANA, so then the doctors ask to me remake all the analysis. And I feel in the limbo. What if something normal and didn't have lupus 😫
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    I had symptoms for 10 years before my ANA ever went positive. I think preclinical lupus is a more recent term and they haven't figured everything out about what happens before and after ANA tests positive. It's interesting how quick they are to put people on plaquenil even with the risks. 
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    I can relate. I’ve had many symptoms of Lupus , yet test results come out fine. I go to my RA doc every three months and he does a full work up. For now I take Cyclobenzaprine(muscle relaxant) which help most of the time for muscle spasms that I get. 
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