Weird hip pain?

butterflybutterfly Member New Member
Does anyone experience a weird hip pain? It's difficult to explain almost feels like it's out of place. No trauma no bumps into anything just happens randomly and does not go away. It's bothersome enough to the point where I can't get comfortable no matter how I sit or lay down and I can't sleep with it. I get so frustrated with it.

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  • briannawelbornbriannawelborn Member New Member
    I do! I have arthritis in my hips and they go in and out of place, they feel sore, weak, and achy, and I never feel comfortable. It's hard to sleep most nights and when I'm in class, I have a hard time staying still. 
  • butterflybutterfly Member New Member
    Thanks I was wondering if it was something like that or just regular pain because I haven't really experienced it before but it's becoming more frequent
  • loopusloopus Member New Member
    I get that too! My doctor thinks it’s linked to fibromyalgia. I’m sorry you have that. I always use a hot pad at night for the hip discomfort. 
  • butterflybutterfly Member New Member
    My rheumatologist sent me for an xray but it came back fine. Maybe next time I go I'll ask about an MRI
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