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A little background about myself;
My name is Isis Licona, I’m 19 and from Florida. I was diagnosed with lupus quite  recently (thanksgiving eve 2018) but had symptoms before and they were all ignored and pushed back. Before the symptoms started I had a fairly decent health. Suddenly all that great health ended, it started with what the doctor called just a “stomach virus/infection” Where I end up vomiting for 2 weeks straight, mind I went to the dr after the second day, besides throwing up, my legs and arm were stiff. My joints swollen. I was in recovery for 2 months after that, I started feeling better ish, and all of the sudden back again with the swollen and stiff body just now I couldn’t even turn my neck without crying, I went to a different ER, doctor saw my lymph nodes were swollen had me for 3 days, told me I got lupus. 

 Anyways ever since I got symptoms I have experienced that even though I’m “doing better” I still feel like I’m not and some people make me feel like I’m just lazy. When I compare myself to “myself before lupus” I feel awful. I have been experiencing a lot of depression and feeling like I isolate myself from everyone else? Even if it’s no voluntary, has this happened to someone else? Is it common? If so how do you cop with it? 


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    I'm Cyndy. I've had lupus for 35 years. Welcome to lupus. Depression is part of lupus, especially at the beginning.  Everyone with lupus, and there are a LOT of us, have gone thru these feelings. You have to try not to compare now with before lupus. I know it's hard, but eventually you won't even think about life before lupus. That just drives you crazy. And because lupus is an "inside" disease, some people are going to think you're lazy or faking it. Just blow them off. That's their problem, not yours. You know your sick. Try not to isolate yourself. With covid-19 still around, get vaccinated if you haven't already. Even once vaccinated, wear a mask. I really hope this helps. If the depression is really bad PLEASE see a doctor about it.
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