Does anyone else experience muscle pain and fevers?

lizapplelizapple Member New Member
I have been experiencing muscle pain and fevers and have noticed that it gets worse with the cold. What do you do for relief?


  • akshay123akshay123 Member New Member
    Even I'm experiencing the same. Please give suggestions. 
  • loopusloopus Member New Member
    I have the same problem! Always sitting with a hot pad and blanket when I can. I can’t find relief other than the hot pad. Sorry I don’t have a good suggestion 😐
  • stormystormy Member New Member
    U r not alone in this. When I have flare ups I always get a fever and severe muscle aches. U do moist heat it seems to help as alittle better on my legs and arms. As for the fever mine has to run it'd course but I do take Tylenol to make sure it doesn't get to high. I try to meditate as well. Because I know when I get stressed my Lupus does as well.  Hope this helps u just a little. Good luck to u
  • LupusSupportGroupLupusSupportGroup Member New Member
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    Unfortunately muscle/joint pain and fevers are very common when you have lupus, whether your in the midst of a flare or not. Acetaminophen for pain and fever and an NSAID for inflammation and swelling is the most often sought remedy, but proceed with caution when using pain relievers and fever reducers, as chronic use can take a toll on the kidney and liver. I usually attempt natural pain/inflammation relieving elements, prior to resorting to OTC's. (ie The use of a heating pad in inflamed or pained areas, elevation of swollen areas, and the consumption of pain/fever relieving foods such as Ginger or Tumeric Tea, Lemon or Coconut Water, Broths, etc.)
  • PeggyPeggy Member New Member
    Again sorry 🤢you are not alone. I take my temperature daily. Keep track of activities to see if there are differences. So far I’ve found none. Cold weather I figured out🤢loss of muscle mass, little or no fat causes my once hot  all time to dressing in multiple layers. I also use heating pads for muscle aches. 
  • SteveHSteveH Member New Member
    A long, hot bath. The cold just seems to go into my bones, and that can herald a flare up, so I wrap up as much as I can..
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