Please help.

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Hi everyone,

I’m a 27 year old female and got my first possible Lupus diagnosis at the beginning of this year. I went to the dermatologist because my hair wouldn’t stop falling out, they ended up sending me for blood work in which I tested positive 1:160 (i think it was that titer) for SLE. I had always gotten sick frequently growing up but never thought anything of it.

long story short, I went to my Primary Care in which she found elevated white cell count. High C4 Count and elevated C- Reactive. She sent me to a Rheum... in which he just asked if I was experiencing any shortness of breathe or joint pain or swelling. At that time (Feb 2018) I wasn’t.

Fast forward it is now December, I’ve been in and out of ERs for the last two months because I’ve had terrible heart palpitations, chest pain, brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, swelling of my feet, my left hand is always numb or tingling. 

The first EKG at the first hospital revealed possible AFib... then after further testing they couldn’t explain why my heart was beating irregular and they let me go and gave me a diagnosis of anxiety. The second one Did CT scans because they thought I could have a blood clot in my heart or lungs. Instead they found small modulate cysts on my right lung. But they weren’t concerned. 

Its now the end of December. (I do suffer with anxiety, depression, but it’s never ever been this bad)

I haven’t left my bed in three days because my body feels like it’s in pain. My joints hurt. My brain is so discombulated I can’t focus on driving or work. And I keep having bad panic attacks.

can someone please shed some insight into this? Anyone else with similar symptoms & they found out they did in fact have an autoimmune disorder?

my body feels off, weird, and it feels like I’m dying.

any help would be great. Thank you.
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