Anyone else feel sick?

Heather72Heather72 Member New Member
Hello! My skin can be clear one day, then my body starts to hurt rather badly. I end up in bed, but when I get up the next morning I wake up to a horrible rash! Its generally worse on my left side. Its an ugly raised red, they itch, burn, and if I accidently scratch too hard they bleed. They are on my left upper arm, the left side of my face, my ears, across my chest, a few on my upper back, and about 50% fewer on my right arm.
I stay out of the sun as much as possible... my husband drives me everywhere (I can drive too), the windows are darkly tinted... my left side rarely ever sees the sun.
My question is: do any of you have the "flu" like symptoms BEFORE you break out? They also have a fever in them.
Ive used creams and ointments, havent found one that does anything. My fingers, especially my thumbs scream in pain.
Anyone else?
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