#TriviaTuesday - How many types of lupus are there?

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How many types of lupus are there?

The most common type of lupus is called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which affects many parts of the body. Other types of lupus are:
  • Cutaneous lupus, which causes a rash or lesion on the skin, usually when exposed to sunlight.
  • Drug-induced lupus, similar to SLE, which is caused by an overreaction to certain medications. Symptoms usually disappear once the medicine is stopped.
Neonatal lupus, which occurs when an infant acquires auto-antibodies from its mother with SLE (auto-antibodies are immune proteins that mistakenly target and react to a person’s own tissues or organs). While skin, liver, and blood problems resolve within six months, the most serious problem, congenital heart block, requires a pacemaker.

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